Friday, March 4, 2011

Go Away MV- 2NE1 with translation.


Sekarang nie Bulan tgh layan lagu nie. Tajuk nya "Go Away" dari 2NE1. Female korean idol. Best sangat. Suka tengok MV(music video) dorang. Excellent! Brilliant!Dombastic! Nie lagu korea. Eheee.Bulan bukan layan korea je. Bulan layan semua. nasyid layan.hindustan layan. melayu pun layan.But this is one of my favorite song la.Eheee

Nie Translation nya.
Dialog laki tue:
"hey do you think I'm crazy? you thought I was still gonna go out with you? don't take it wrong way. you know your distance, don't cramp my style.let me act like a snob. I'm seriously warning you. you, stay away from me, stop bothering me. I would kill you if you mark around me once again."

You’re so cheap and this isn’t like you
I can’t get used to it now, It makes me dizzy, why
Who’s breaking up with who
You’re breaking up with me
Think it over before you say it, yeah

Tonight of all times, why is it raining again
It makes me look so pitiful
Don’t try to console me
Move this hand, we’re strangers now

Don’t worry about me and go away
I’ll disappear, no strings attached
You thought I’d hang onto you
It’s disgusting, don’t misunderstand

I’ll meet someone so much better
I’ll make you regret it all
Sadness is only for now, boy
Cause love is over
Love, love is over tonight

Just say what you gotta say
How can you be uncool to the very end?
Fiancé? Beyonce
I’m walkin’ out of destiny
Not pitifully alone, but a glamorous solo
That’s my way
I gave it my all, so I don’t have regrets
Pretending like you’re more sad
Pretending you’re cool to the end
All you do is act a fool
You ain’t shit without your crew
I don’t have time, I gotta go
So long, good bye, adios
I don’t want to see your ugly face again no more

psstt~ bahasa translation nye agak kasar sikit. mintak maaf ek.eheee


apik pehe said...

hehe..wat mase ni..apik x layan mane2 lagu la bulan..cian kt apik

ejulz said...

suka dgr lagu lolipop.. heHe

singgah n komen k. :) "Masa yg ditunggu2 dah tiba.."

pandazemoo said...

unlike 2ne1. like 4minute.

~~su manje~~~ said...

Salam ziarah…
Miss you sis bulan...
Jemput singgah di blog baru Sumanje
Tentang Malaysia
Terima kasih atas kunjungan anda
Semoga Ceria selalu dan happy blogging
Dari ~~~SuManje~~~~~~~~~…………………


akU GaDis said...

ahaks! i x minat korea.. ngeee..

best ke yunk?

story from me said...

lagu korea semuanya best!!tumbs up!!

najihah sahami said...

hahaha...mendalammm kot maksud tu. ceihhhh...hampass je lelaki ni.ish....emo lak tetiba kan. haha